Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my classmates..... (NERD bench :D)

well.... this post is dedicated to the ppl who sit in front of me in class...
affectionately called THE nerd bench.... :D (pun intended :P)
yesh.... the fun starts...
1)KARTHIK raO-- the ULTIMATE nerd.. our resident water supply frm suratkal :D..
the only prob is that girls get first preference for water :( ....
2)ABHIMAN-- the walkin talkin oxford dictionary... acts lik a loner :| .. and a star wars BUFF like me :D
3)ASHWIN kumar-- the body builder ... recently started workin out has rock hard muscles which he maintains by gymming 3 hrs a day :O.. he makes up for studyin time by carryin his text books to the loo, canteen and every othr place imaginable :D
4)aditya H BHAT :D-- the C nerd of our class... brings clove flavoured water to the class every day... and always carrys his ADA text book to lab :D
5) ANOOOOOP jain -- the semi nerd.... can switch between NERD mode and COOL mode effortlessly... BINGO expert of our class :D
6)abhilash...--) nicknamed ABBAS.. for no apparent reason.... also known as the chocolate boy of our class... he apparently has a gal in IS called shilpa :D

any further info about these guys will probably get me killed :D

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